Sebastian Hiriart was born in Mexico City in a family of a film maker and a writer. He grow up occasionally working as a child actor. Since his teens he started working on the camera department as a camera assistant and later camera operator. He has worked in television, films and commercials as a DoP. He has shoot ten feature films, directed three of them and has been nominated to Mexican Academy Award for best cinematography and best debut film in 2013; has won different international awards for his work.

FILMOGRAPHY as a director of photography:



Torch (Belice - USA, 2016) Directed by Christopher Coppola (post production)

Bolot (75 min, Kirgizstan - UK, 2016) Directed by Zahid Mahoani (post production)

Tiempo Sin Pulso / Time Without Pulse (83 min, Mexico, 2016) Directed by Barbara Ochoa (post production)

Carroña / Carrion (73 min, Mexico, 2016) Directed by Sebastian Hiriart (post production)

Huérfanos / Orphans (155 min, Mexico, 2014) Directed by Guita Schyfter

Filosofía natural del amor Natural Philosophy of Love (77 min, Mexico - Costa Rica, 2013) Directed by Sebastián Hiriart

A Tiro de Piedra A Stone’s Throw Away (97 min, Mexico - USA, 2010) Directed by Sebastián Hiriart

Gallero Tropical / Tropical Cockfight (Documentary, 73 min, Mexico, 2009) Directed by Andrés Cota

The Labyrinths of Memory (Documentary, 95 min, Lithuania - Mexico - Cuba, 2006) Directed by Guita Schyfter

Roots Time (73 min, Argentina - Jamaica, 2006) Directed by Silvestre Jacobi



Respira (6 min, México, 2015) Directed by Ernesto Anaya

Cry Wolf (30 min, USA, 2013) Directed by Joshua Durham

Entrevista con la tierra (23 min, Mexico, 2008) Directed by Nicolás Pereda

Perspectiva (10 min, 2008, Mexico - USA) Directed by Sebastián Hiriart

Miércoles (15 min, 2007, Mexico) Directed by Daniel Krauze

Encuentro (2007, Mexico) Directed by Cristóbal Sánchez

Querubín (2007, Mexico) Directed by Gregorio Galicia

Llora(11 min, 2008, Mexico) Directed by Pepe Caudillo

Amanda (15 min, 2006, 35mm, Mexico) Directed by Pepe Caudillo

Mientras dormías (6 min, 2004,  Mexico) Directed by Canek Kelly

Revolver (2 min, 2002, USA) Directed by Pepe Caudillo

Pain (2 min, 2002, NY) Directed by Joshua Durham



 2012 -  Nominated Mexican ARIEL, Best Cinematography, A Tiro de Piedra.

2012 -  Nominated Mexican ARIEL, Best Debut Film, A Tiro de Piedra.

2011 - Best Cinematography, Mexico City Film Festival A Tiro de Piedra.

2011 - Best Film, Mexico City Film Festival for A Tiro de Piedra.

2011 - Best Director, Mexico City Film Festival for A Tiro de Piedra.

2011 - Best Script, Mexico City Film Festival for A Tiro de Piedra

2011 - Best Film, Puebla Film Festival, Mexico, for A Tiro de Piedra.

2011 - Best Director, Gramado Film Festival, Brazil, A Tiro de Piedra.

2011 - Best Script, Gramado Film Festival, Brazil, A Tiro de Piedra

2011 - Best Debut Film, Kerala Film Festival, India, A Tiro de Piedra

2010 - Nominated, Diosa de Plata Award, Best Actor, La Última y Nos Vamos.

2010 - Nominated, Golden Gateway Award, Mumbai International Film Festival, A Tiro de Piedra.

2010 - Special Jury Mention, San Sabastián Film Festival, Spain, A Tiro de Piedra

2005 - Nominated, Pantalla de Crystal Award for Mitos Griegos Hoy.



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